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tiffanymackPosted - 16 March 2006 21:55  Show Profile
I have my test tomorrow,I am very nervous,I have not been in school for 9 years now,some say it is not too hard but i usually do awful on tests,any last words wisdom would be very much appreciated.. I will let everyone know what I thought about it when I get home tomorrow night, Please wish me lots of luck,and lot's of luck to anyone els who has the test tomorrow or soon thx
flig Posted - 20 March 2006 0:42  Show Profile
Hey I just took my math test for my GED and I was so scared.. I suck at math, but it actually was pretty easy.</P><P>I got a 510 on it.</P><P>Just dont worry too much and you'll be ok.<BR>take your time and use every second of the time you have!
tiffanymack Posted - 21 March 2006 9:11  Show Profile
Thx for your advice...I didn't end up taking it because my husband had to work the next day, so i would have only been able to take 1/2 of the test ..so it gives me more time to study...hopefully i can take it next month...
glogirl Posted - 22 March 2006 19:59  Show Profile
What kind of math do they test you on. I have all kind's of simple math, ged book's. I was never any good in math.
tiffanymack Posted - 22 March 2006 21:5  Show Profile
HI There, I didn't end up taking the test, but I heard they test on each math type of problems, only a few of each as I understand I was called today and I had to rescedule for may I'll let you know if I take my test before you what it is like..thx for writing to me..Tiffany

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