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michelle1986630Posted - 7 March 2006 23:18  Show Profile
ok..... im am so nervous about this ged test... ok im starting classes next wk and i plan to test april 29th... i dont have much time.... i need advice on some good ged practice books!
shawizzle Posted - 9 March 2006 8:19  Show Profile
Well i didn't buy any books for the GED nd i pass it, but i did study out of the GED book that they had at the class i went. All i did was ask her 4 one book at a time nd when i finished going thru the book i gave her bak nd ask her for another book.
nyleve59 Posted - 14 March 2006 23:20  Show Profile
hi my name is evelyn and i am taking my ged test in may and i have the same problem that you do but i have gotting better because i pray and study at this program its likre school and it help me a lot like we work on the computer to study for are ged t est and it help me to understand better then i use to like it brakes it down in to stupied form and that help me alot i mean i am not slow but it helps a lot i mean what i am tring to say is let god take over your mind. and now that there is help for you out there in the world and i mean there is thousand of programs that you can get into TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR STUDYS

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