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translatingaPosted - 27 February 2006 23:32  Show Profile
Grrrr.. I'm so disappointed actually. Some time ago I could easily get 650...

And my test is in 9 days...:-/

I have heard that the actual TOEFL test is easier than those exercises in TOEFL prep books. Any TOEFL actual test experience? This would be my first time...

asarah1989 Posted - 11 March 2007 6:39  Show Profile
Hello,<BR>No I don't think so... I found the practice TOEFL easier, although I only had one practice before taking the actual TOEFL. Waow, you should be proud to obtain 603! That's really good! But, in which country did you apply? Only if you plan on studying in England, you need a minimum score of 550, or in an Ivy League school in the US. So you're doing great, you should not worry at all! I got 577 in the real test, although I applied to universities in England... Well, good luck! Keep me posted, I want to you:) my email is a_sarah_1989@yahoo.fr . See u

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