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BarbieGa88Posted - 22 February 2006 22:12  Show Profile
I just took the practice test on this site and my score was like 63% does that mean i need to study more or am i ready to take the GED test. Any help would be great. Thanks a Bunch!!
LUGOYO Posted - 9 April 2006 10:7  Show Profile
I need help mwith my essay, i get scare when i have to write and also my hand starts to sleep on me like now what can i do for this? I really need to take mty test because of my job, could some one please help me!!!!!! Thank you so much.......
Oldie1 Posted - 23 May 2006 20:39  Show Profile
Hi - I'm a newbie (though I'm also an Oldie....lol)</P><P>I just took the 4test practice GED. I quite surprised myself. I scored 71%, without studying. </P><P>Anyone know if that's a pass? </P><P>I am 45, educated in Europe and haven't been to school since I was 16. Not bad for an 'oldun' Even if I do say so myself :)
WWJenn17 Posted - 8 July 2006 19:35  Show Profile
Hi. I was just wondering the same thing and I thought to myself Now I just studied this a couple of weeks ago. You take 800 divide by the number of questions multiply total points per question by the total of your correct answers. This is how mine looked on the Language Arts, Reading Test <BR>800 / 20 = 40 x 15 = 600 <BR>I really hope this helps. Just remember count the correct answers you made. Then Multiply the number of correct questions you got by the points that they each count. Maybe this will help! I used a calculator to do this!
chicknnbeer Posted - 26 July 2006 1:45  Show Profile
ok well i scored something like 74.19 and i was wanderin wat everyone else was. and also i got kicked out of school before i even made it to my freshman year so i think 74 is pretty good for not being in school for 4 years now since im 18 and another thing what kinda formula is that going to help with?? whats the number gonna have to do with?
jesshead311 Posted - 31 July 2006 16:52  Show Profile
I got an 85.9% on this practice test... I was just like to know if this is an accurate account of the real GED test?

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