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Wildboy16Posted - 20 February 2006 14:50  Show Profile
Is it hard???????
derrickswife06 Posted - 22 March 2006 7:13  Show Profile
if you don't take the time and study for the test then you will surely think it's hard but if you study as much as you can't and dedicate yourself to it then it will not be as hard.
davisd Posted - 22 January 2008 12:55  Show Profile
how can we get the help with the test
huntermay Posted - 12 March 2008 18:34  Show Profile
the best way is to know your basic math, and your word knowlage. ith in the test it has lik6 or 9 sections haveing about 10-35 min. on it the 9th one or the last one is the dont wory part. if you dont take the school version then u take the last section (9). witch is the basic mind game of poot the shaps together, that is were they think u be best in... the army garentees your job if u pas high anofe. other forces, navy, airforce, ect. dose not garentee the job u want.
derrick24 Posted - 18 April 2009 21:16  Show Profile
did anyone take the student asvab if so how is it?
cpatterson Posted - 21 April 2009 18:43  Show Profile
yea the tre-test kinda hard if you dont know your basic math. word knowledge, and paragraph comprehension, but if you good in that then the test is easy
cpatterson Posted - 21 April 2009 18:44  Show Profile
i mean per-test
spkuehl Posted - 14 May 2009 16:21  Show Profile
I am taking the asvab test in 5 days for the marines, is it really hard?
derrick24 Posted - 23 June 2009 20:38  Show Profile
I had talk to a this guy who had took the ASVAB at meps and he said that the question on the test at mep is the same question on the website call military.com they have 3 short tests and 3 long tests check it out...

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