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eirenopoios6Posted - 15 February 2006 13:24  Show Profile
I need help with the scoring system. I completed the GED test and then it displayed my scoring as 70.16%.... i have no clue what that means. What's the passing percentage?
zreid Posted - 16 February 2006 16:21  Show Profile
I dont know but I got 84.68% on the practise test. Any help in interpretting this into actual GED pass marks etc would be great for me too!! Thanks in advance
Buehlz Posted - 25 July 2006 13:55  Show Profile
I would assume that the 70.16% is taken out of the top score you can get.</P><P>So it should be 800 * .7016 = 561</P><P>(.7016 = 70.16%)</P><P>410 is passing but you need to average 450 or better to get 2250. I would say you are in great shape on this one.
kay1980 Posted - 14 March 2007 1:3  Show Profile
i made a 62.90 ,do you think thats an ok score? i know i need more pratice but i hope thats a ok score!please some one let me know!!
jdcgangster Posted - 19 March 2007 15:13  Show Profile
hey whats goin on. im relly bored and need people to talk too so write me back asap thanks
avought Posted - 26 April 2007 19:8  Show Profile
Kay<BR> you <BR> take 800x%=average <BR> yours is 800x.6290 = 503.2<BR> Not too bad!<BR>
fightclub198 Posted - 27 April 2007 14:30  Show Profile
do any of you guys actually know what your talking about??
avought Posted - 29 April 2007 18:1  Show Profile
yes i can say that many of us have practiced on this website. others have called about taking the GED. Others have already taken the GED. Some people are on this website to read what others experienced and how they went about taking the GED. A lot of us are on here for support and tips. So yes many of us do know what we are talking about some of us no but everything also depends where you live and what state your in because laws vary.<BR>
avought Posted - 29 April 2007 18:4  Show Profile
some of it is also common sense

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