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wickedlyfunPosted - 12 February 2006 7:19  Show Profile
Hello everybody .. if u dont mind i need help in toefl .. i have exam after tomorrow acually i have a tranning cours and before the tranning i'll have toefl test .. long time no use for english .. i wanna take good score i have to time .. tell me guyz wht can i do ..

thank u and waiting for replay ..

my e-mail :


rrosa Posted - 6 July 2007 8:47  Show Profile
Hello guyZ..i really need alot of help abt toefl exam..i really need to knw how can i reach to the online toefl test n hw can preepare maself for it...i need 570toefl IBT for my uni..so plz advise me..ThX!
cooltoad Posted - 18 June 2009 10:56  Show Profile
I have been following the site www.vocabularybuilding.org for quite sometime and found it great as well,with a good collection of material and well maintained library of videos.Hope you too would enjoy the site<BR>
kkekucing Posted - 5 October 2010 6:58  Show Profile
good luck
kkekucing Posted - 5 October 2010 6:58  Show Profile
good luck
Hilda167 Posted - 2 November 2013 11:28  Show Profile
well maybe for the written exam, multiple choice part, try this. It did help me a lot really. Pretty good stuff!</P><P>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9AecEntqaU</P><P>
shawqi Posted - 14 November 2013 17:31  Show Profile
****o,</P><P>Anybody is interested in English discussion or whatsoever related to English preparation, I am ready to share with him/ her my time:)

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