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md3lovePosted - 9 February 2006 10:42  Show Profile
I'm studying for the Ged after being out of school for about 4 yrs...I went to the 11th grade before I had to drop out in Detroit, MI.
If you have any advice on the test and/or how hard is the newly revised test, I would greatly appreciate it....can also send email
Lozen Posted - 9 February 2006 18:49  Show Profile
I have taken 4 of the tests by now. A word of advice would be that you study like crazy. Take as many practice tests as you can find, and do as many lessons as you possibly can. If you do this, after you've taken the test you might feel like saying that the test was too easy, but the truth will lie in that you were well prepared for it. study hard and have fun!
md3love Posted - 10 February 2006 10:45  Show Profile
Thanks for the great advice, Lozen
Tara74 Posted - 8 July 2007 22:9  Show Profile
I have taken the test once and scored between 320-410 on each of the five.In Illinois you have to have at least a 450 on each one.Or a passing score on at least a few of the ones along with any of the ones that you scored a 410 on.I plan on taking it again , but plan on studying a little bit more than what I did the last time and I been out of school for 16 years and the first time before I took it, I only studied about 3 weeks.And with just a little more studying my scores are not that far from reaching a 450.
Tara74 Posted - 8 July 2007 22:17  Show Profile
You have to at least have a higher passing score than 450 if you for example score a 410 on one of the five tests to make up for the total GED score.
amberc24 Posted - 31 July 2007 11:46  Show Profile
i'm taking classes right now any advice for someon who's been out of school 5yrs??
amberc24 Posted - 31 July 2007 13:24  Show Profile
i'm taking classes right now for the ged test. Can anybody give me any advice? I need to do really well if i want to go to college. That's one of my goals....help me out anybody
jstnwarren Posted - 1 August 2007 20:57  Show Profile
Im gonna take the test for the first time later this month anyone have advice because it is very much needeed and how much is the price in California good luck to everyone .
trishasexy16 Posted - 7 August 2007 11:59  Show Profile
well im at a job corps center in edinburgh IN and im working on getting my GED and ive asked around and people taht have taken it say yes it is hard so good luck!!
Dcpunk423 Posted - 7 August 2007 12:41  Show Profile
Yea im studying for it now and its not as hard as you thing. If you can pass the practice tests and the workbooks you'll be sure to pass the test. They say the workbooks are harder than the real thing.<BR>
foster10 Posted - 7 August 2007 13:21  Show Profile
My sister took the test one time and she passed it. she told me that it was easyer passing the test than passing the<BR> pre-tests

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