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mikeysmomPosted - 6 April 2001 12:55  Show Profile
hello , I took the Ged test after being out of school 36 yrs ! due to death in family . I didn''t finish I passed all but the math its all new can anyone help this means so much to me .
viola Posted - 19 April 2001 9:29  Show Profile
Hello,<BR>I know how you feel. I am in the same situation. What I am doing is simply studying studying studying. Try &quot;PASSING THE GED&quot; by Scott Foresman as a good prep book. You can get this at Barnes and Noble and I would assume at most other good bookstores. Also go to a search engine and type in GED and you should be able to find lots of good practice test sites and prep help. I am in school working towards my MCSE and have 5 Microsoft Certifications so far. I want to get college credit and get an Associates in Applied Science but in order to do this I must get my GED. I am 40 years old so like you it has been a very long time since I have done alot of the math that will be on this test. The book I mentioned has been extremely helpful to me and I think it will be alot of help for you too. GOOD LUCK!!!
krl Posted - 23 June 2006 10:58  Show Profile
there is a book that is called GED By Mcgraw i belive that is the name it is a very good book
krl Posted - 23 June 2006 11:10  Show Profile
Information that may help some for those under the age of 22. There is a online school to where you can get your actual H.S.D ideal for those who are in the 10th 11th grade. They supply you with the computer the choice of a lap top or reg. puter all school suplies nesscessary books,paper,pens,etc. the only requirement is that you have a phone they even pay for the internet if u don't have it. The web site is www.ohdela.net sometimes it don't pop up so in the search engine type the word ohdela
tiffice Posted - 28 June 2006 13:38  Show Profile
pleas i cant get the math down and my test is on fri, i just need help with this

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