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DarkAngel2kPosted - 6 February 2006 21:32  Show Profile
hey im going into the army and I have a really hard time with math. I kinda freeze up when it comes to math any one have any idea on how I can stop that
jayrocks Posted - 13 February 2006 13:51  Show Profile
hey man i am int the army too. to pass math all you have to do is study for about a hour at a time. then like after the first three day go to two hours a day. do this until you take you asvab
DEANAG2 Posted - 29 June 2006 10:34  Show Profile
ehmoewatdoyakno Posted - 5 October 2006 8:51  Show Profile
i am also going into the army....i go to take my asvab next wednesday....i already took the practice and i made a 33....im sure you all know that you have to make a 31 to pass....the only thing that made me score that low is the mathmatics and arithmatic section.....anyone have any advice....<BR> please
lauriRiggle Posted - 25 September 2008 20:4  Show Profile
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