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Wildboy16Posted - 26 January 2006 14:29  Show Profile
How hard is the actual test?? Please help- getting ready to take GED and ASVAB for Air Force. Need some reassurance!
Coinpurse Posted - 27 January 2006 8:37  Show Profile
I haven't taken it yet, but i am trying to study for it. I have heard that its really not that hard. But i don't know for sure. Good luck!
Wildboy16 Posted - 27 January 2006 14:26  Show Profile
Thanks! You too!
smunchie1982 Posted - 7 February 2006 10:15  Show Profile
the math part is HARD ..if your like me and really suck at geometry i'm going for the 3rd time to try and pass the damn subject! so if your good at geometry i can use the help.
laurenmclane Posted - 7 February 2006 12:37  Show Profile
i dont think that it was very hard, alot of it was cross multiplying and that is easy stuff. and the reading part was the omy bad part b/c some of it was really BORING ... good luck and god bless! <BR>mclane
Lozen Posted - 11 February 2006 16:48  Show Profile
it isn't that hard, chillax! if you study hard and do just about every practice test you can find in the GED form you'll be fine. DON'T forget to visit your local library and ask for the GED book, that's just a tip for where to look.
Wildboy16 Posted - 16 February 2006 14:33  Show Profile
Thanks a lot for the information. it helps, really!!!!!
lilally719 Posted - 30 March 2006 11:5  Show Profile
hey iv takin bout of the test there not hared it takes a long time for bouth test but its really not that hard!!
lildevil862007 Posted - 13 April 2006 18:20  Show Profile
hey i took the ged for the 1st time back in november of 05 and it was really hard at all i actually thought that it was kinda easy. i passed each subject the 1st time and i didnt have to retake ne bit of it. now look at me, im in college now. im taking software maintance and college reading strategies and basic algebra skills. and actually im almost done with those classes and ill be taking one more class and it will be in june. its called art appreciation. but i hope that you pass good luck</P><P>kayla
mpak18 Posted - 2 May 2006 15:49  Show Profile
what makes ged easy enough to pass and what parts are easy and what parts are hard.one more thing is there any hints to ans a guestion without to much thinking im real concern thank you
DaleEarnhardtfan Posted - 17 May 2006 16:7  Show Profile
Just your little butt and it will come to you I promise you that my man

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