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DVaris223Posted - 14 January 2006 1:2  Show Profile
My name is Dominick and I'm a 16 year old from Staten Island, New York. I'm posting this topic because I have a serious problem regarding high-school. Last year (sophomore year) I was dealing with self-esteem issues that caused me to hate school and never go. This year I'm a little more secure and I thought I can mend things with school but I just can't. I feel I'm ready to move on with my life and get out of everything that I hated ( and still do hate) Other than a GED, what other alternatives do I have for getting out of high-school and doing something before college? I'm extremely smart and I feel that I'm just letting everyone down. I know I can prove myself academically, and a GED would be adaquate for colleges and jobs, but I want something more than that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (=
DVaris223 Posted - 14 January 2006 1:5  Show Profile
Lol. Spelling is a peeve of mine..I accidentally spelt adequate wrong..lol

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