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mimikinsPosted - 6 January 2006 11:43  Show Profile
I have to say, I'm surprised at how well I did on the RN practice test. I am still in College and got an 89.8 on the exam. I just hope I do at least that well when I take the actual exam later.
thehireauthority Posted - 31 January 2006 12:7  Show Profile
That is very good, but don't get too cocky...you need to know WHY you chose what you did. These are samples, and there are not fill ins or none of the new format...be leary of resting on laurals.
Bnaj Posted - 5 February 2006 6:17  Show Profile
Why don't you try taking one of Kaplans real diagnostic tests (180 questions)??? Let's see how well you do on that one!!!
sonjabalcom Posted - 24 February 2006 20:8  Show Profile
Wow, why not show a little support for? Great job on your practise exam. Keep up the good work, continue doing whatever you're doing. Don't stop studying and practising and you'll do well!
Boopbet Posted - 2 March 2006 18:1  Show Profile
Do you how to get any other free exams, to practice. When will you take your NCLEX
hartdog Posted - 12 June 2006 14:53  Show Profile
I am also taking the nclex for the first time. I am english and am struggling any suggestions on study tips etc. Good luck to anyone taking it soon
olatunde Posted - 30 November 2006 4:44  Show Profile
hello,i am in nigeria and i will soon be taking the nclex exam,can i get tips on how to pass the exam and matrrials to use?
babyshoney Posted - 2 December 2006 18:34  Show Profile
I'm an eighth grade student and in order to join a summer camp at Duke University I was asked to take the real SAT's. Now mind you I was only 12 at the time and my score was a 90.4. Everyone in my family including me were running around the house screaming and laughing because my 18 year old cousin had to take the SAT's three times before he passed it and here I was 12 years old with a 90.4 average. So if I could do it than so can anyone else if you study and do your best.
viletha Posted - 4 May 2008 13:55  Show Profile

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