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madtrackerPosted - 3 January 2006 23:19  Show Profile

I'm a 34 year old man thinking about finally going to college. I've been working in the IT field for about 6 years now and am currently a Network Administrator. I really don't need to go to college, but want to do so for my own personal satisfaction. I've been researching and have found that the ACT is the most commonly used test for entrance and decided to find some material and practice exams. I must say that I was very impressed with this site and found the practice exam for ACT very thought provoking and frankly difficult.

I know now after taking the practice test that I really need to study and prepare myself for the real thing.

I don't know how the scoring of the real test and the practice test % relates, but I only made a 60% on the practice ACT. I really thought that I would do better, but hey.... you don't know until you try. I need to learn more.

Thanks for the intuitive and informative website!



ccrisostomo Posted - 13 April 2006 23:51  Show Profile
Hey Mike,</P><P>I'm in the same boat you are. I'm a 32 year old Corporate Travel Agent and I need to practice as well. Try www.number2.com. I haven't read through the whole site yet but I think they provide tutoring services. After my score I think I will visit the site now!</P><P>Good luck to you,</P><P>Carla
wootjen Posted - 12 July 2006 20:22  Show Profile
I'm almost 30 yrs old and I'm trying to go to collage for the first time in my life. Where can I find some books to refresh on all subjects for the ACT test?

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