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BlkBarBPosted - 3 January 2006 21:45  Show Profile
What is the highest level of math anyone has seen on the GED?
sarahluvsbutterfly Posted - 4 January 2006 12:26  Show Profile
Does anyone have any idea how to teach a dummy how to do math?
BlkBarB Posted - 4 January 2006 20:32  Show Profile
Honey I'm not a dummy by along shot! I'm currently a Manager at a well known clothing franchise,making $15.00 an hr. WITHOUT an GED! How about you? I stay in Wickliffe,Oh in a $175,000 house and have two children,husband.Three cars,Buick Roadmaster,Avenger,GMC. Doll, Im doing just fine without an GED as you can see! My husband rakes in the doe! If I wanted I could be a stay at home housewife. But I need more! I need an $250,000 house,college tution for both of my children and a fat bank account ,and be able to travel where I want when I want! I need an RN degree and thats next.GUARANTEE! If you want to continue mailing me come correct and with some positivity. Im a very concious young black women and I have goals.If you need some positive advise mail me I'll see what I can come up with for you! Have a good night!
Milynna Posted - 12 January 2006 20:4  Show Profile
Is it possible that the message posted was not directed towards you? When I read the post, the first thing that comes to my mind is that the message is directed to the poster and not you.</P><P>Then again, thats just my opinion.
BlkBarB Posted - 12 January 2006 21:34  Show Profile
Hi!, Well maybe but I don't think so. I don't think anyone would call thereself dumb? Plus you know when someone replies back to your posting you get an E-mail message saying you have mail.(You'll see when I send you this reply)! I was just about to tell them to take me off this list. I'll wait untill you contact me back,I'm going to go to the library and get that GED book to study it's better. You review what you need and for me it's math,but what I like about the book is it breaks everything down step by step to the end. And it saves us valuable time that we need! See the GED is broke down in three parts for the sections.(I've been typing this for about an half hr. My mom called me telling me about my crazy sister,then my husband just left for work). Well, I know the math is. As long as you do good in the basic math,fractions,etc...Your good to go! But you have to score high in those areas to flunk the alg two and cac,trig. But I want to do good in those area's,So I figured why not? Plus I was just talking to my husband on starting a small business so it would come in handy. My husband is a whiz in math so good with numb. You know you are the only one to reply to me since I've logged in for the class. But I don't answer any questions either. I get my mail and see all that ged refuroms,I just hit delete(laugh). It's kind of funny but I'm just to busy for this logging on stuff and replying. My schedule is so tight from 3:30pm till 8:30pm and then I'll run down to the computer log on check my mailboxes do some reply's. Then my husband get's up at 9:30pm and leaves at 10:15.So I'm messing with him then,I might log back on like I'm doing now for about an hour and girl i'm gone to bed to start my day bright n early for 6:45am. Well it was nice chatting with you I have to finish reading my inbox messages. Do you live in eastern time? I do. By!
divalady Posted - 30 January 2006 19:58  Show Profile
Ms BlkBarb, I took the test before and I only failed three parts such as math, science, and social studies. I really need help in science because I really do not understand it at all
divalady Posted - 30 January 2006 21:22  Show Profile
need someone to talk with about the ged
dgallo Posted - 31 January 2006 14:13  Show Profile
i think its algebra but i'm not sure what level of algebra if its basic algebra or not so it might be geometry. its nothing hard like calculus
BlkBarB Posted - 1 February 2006 20:36  Show Profile
Hi Divalady! So your having problems with that sceince&amp;math,well you know they go hand n hand.If you can pass math you pass sceince and vice versa! Well have you been practising on your math? Have you went and got that G.E.D book from the library I was talking about that will help alot.And what are'nt you getting in the subjects? Theres this web site called 4test.com you could practice your G.E.D on but it's a bit difficult on the math because in the math it's broken down in sections. On this website it really does'nt deal with the basics When you start reading the short stories print those out then start answering the questions. Hit me back.
BlkBarB Posted - 1 February 2006 20:39  Show Profile
I'm sorry the reply took so long but I tried to log in last night and forgot my password so i had to wait for them to send it to me today.
BlkBarB Posted - 1 February 2006 20:43  Show Profile
Hi dgallo! What does that stand for? Thanks alot for the information,I'm sure that will help Divalady too,especially on the math part.So I take it you have tooken the test! Did you pass? If so what was your score?
JodiP Posted - 6 February 2006 14:42  Show Profile
This site has helped me out alot...check it out...<BR>http://www.testprepreview.com/gedlinks.htm<BR>it covers everything you need to know, I think...LoL. I take my pre-test tomorrow...hopefully I do alright...<BR>~Jodi P
BlkBarB Posted - 7 February 2006 20:56  Show Profile
Thank you JodieP! Im sorry the response took so long. Im going to check that out tommorrow night. Thanks again.
BlkBarB Posted - 7 February 2006 21:53  Show Profile
Oh my God! How could I forget to wish you GOODLUCK and I hope everything works out well for you! Let me know if you passed and how was it.

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