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brianhusePosted - 26 December 2005 13:19  Show Profile
hi, i got 60% on the practise sat math, is this score good?
clhs5 Posted - 1 January 2006 2:21  Show Profile
What is the competitive score for the SAT I and SAT II tests to qualify for universities like Harvard, MIT, CALTECH....?
Justsmile90 Posted - 17 January 2006 23:55  Show Profile
omg that's so weird- i got a 96.92% on the ACT (i only did up to question 65- i don't have that much time on my hands)... was that a real ACT? because i'm in 10th grade, so i'm really surprised that I did so well. And what was up with the math questions? they're as easy as like, an ERB...
sarusri Posted - 10 February 2006 14:23  Show Profile
Hi clhs,<BR>for MIT:<BR>For students we admitted in 2005, the middle 50% score range was between 690-770 for SAT-I: Verbal and 740-800 <BR>for SAT-I: Math. We do not have cutoff scores for the SAT I and SAT II, as scores are evaluated within an applicant's context.<BR>For CALTECH:<BR>Are there minimum SAT/ACT scores you require? </P><P><BR>No. There are no cut-offs and we do not admit &quot;by the numbers.&quot; For your information, the range of SAT I scores for students admitted to the class of 2009 is as follows: SAT I Verbal - 460 to 800; SAT I Math - 640 to 800. <BR>and for Harvard:<BR>Harvard does not have clearly defined, required minimum scores; however, the majority of students admitted to the College represent a range of scores from roughly 600 to 800 on each section of the SAT I as well as on the SAT II Subject Tests. We regard test results as helpful indicators of academic ability and achievement when considered thoughtfully among many other factors. </P><P> Hope this helps.<BR> - sara</P><P>
Laayla Posted - 13 February 2006 22:31  Show Profile
^ What about ACT scores? What percentage is considered &quot;great?&quot;
Wanno Posted - 20 February 2006 21:5  Show Profile
To go to Havard University you should have a score of 1500 &amp; more for the SAT<BR>for more information go on this link <BR>it is a good one <BR>http://www.graduateshotline.com/sat1.html<BR>
peanutbutterjelly Posted - 26 January 2007 19:55  Show Profile
is 60% out of 100% on a practice math test good (25 questions)
tj121587 Posted - 24 March 2008 3:0  Show Profile
I took the SAT once in 9th grade and i got a 620 in the math. I wish i took it in 11th grade. Im a freshmen in college and i just got a 90% on the math portion on this website, that basically a 710.

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