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Jo24Posted - 8 December 2005 16:59  Show Profile
Hi all,

I just took the GED test a few days ago. I think I did very well, but i'm wondering how the scores are calculated. I'm pretty sure I know which ones I might have missed and would love to get an idea before hand on what my score will be, since it takes 3 weeks to arrive.

I saw in another post someone mentioned the formula:
Score = 800 * correct_questions / total_questions

Is this the exact same equation the GED test is scored using? Because I read somewhere that the minimum score on the GED that could be gotten is 200, and that equation doesn't seem to work for that. Since for instance, a score of only 10 out of 50 questions correct would come out to a 160 score using that equation, which is less than 200.

Anyone know for sure?

Jo24 Posted - 8 December 2005 17:17  Show Profile
duplicate post

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