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Ranni01Posted - 6 December 2005 15:37  Show Profile

Is there anyone who already did the ged test and can give us some ideas on what kind of essay topics are in the test,
Or is there any website we can go and look at sample essays.
I am so poor in writing essays.
I need help.

Jo24 Posted - 8 December 2005 17:4  Show Profile
Hi,</P><P>I just took the GED. My essay topic was along the lines of:<BR>&quot;If you had one day to spend with a person you liked, who would it be? Explain why.&quot;</P><P>I'm quite sure the tests are randomized though, so no point studying that particular question since yours will be different..</P><P>I really did not like that one at all though. What they want you to do for the essay is have one paragraph as the main idea, then three or so additional paragraphs that expand on the first (like examples you might say), and finally one last paragraph to sum it all up. I had trouble thinking of the different 'examples' that I could write full paragraphs for on this subject, and barely finished it on time.

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