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keizyPosted - 3 November 2005 16:43  Show Profile
I'm trying to learn some American history... Can anyone tell me what's a good book to find some of the stuff they give you in the GED.. thanks
MarcusMorley87 Posted - 8 November 2005 16:42  Show Profile
Hi,</P><P>I've recently completed the series of tests required to obtain the GED.</P><P>Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but from a general grading perspective, if you achieve a 52 you pass that individual test and if you average a 56 you achieve the necessary average to pass.</P><P>So basically 52=410<BR> 56=450</P><P>If you have been out of school for more then 6 months, I would recommend taking classes. Also if you feel your weak in a certain area, you can hire a tutor or if you don't have the necessary funds to do so, then go to the locally provided GED prep classes and ask when they will be covering your weakness.</P><P>Starting the spring semester I will be a freshman at New England College, a four year liberal arts college.</P><P>My total score was 2830, but most colleges will accept students with a total score equaling or above 2500.</P><P>Just study hard and dedicate yourself, wether your obtaining the GED for immediate work, post secondary schooling, or just a feeling of well being.</P><P>If anyone is in need of assistance, I will be more then happy to lend my hand. Just contact me at mick7jeter2me1@yahoo.com</P><P>Good Luck!

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