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lillarrie88Posted - 2 November 2005 9:3  Show Profile
Hey how is everyone doing i took the GED test and i need help to pass my Social Studies section if u have any ideas would u help me
LooLooBug06 Posted - 9 November 2005 17:4  Show Profile
I here ya! Social Studies is just to damn hard!
Jo24 Posted - 8 December 2005 17:16  Show Profile
If you want my opinion, best thing to practice for Social Studies would not be history, but rather work on studying reading comprehension.</P><P>You only need the actual knowledge of each subject for a small handful of the questions. Something like 80-90% of the questions on the Social Studies and Science tests have the answers in plain view in the questions. Work on reading comprehension and if you get those right, the few wrong ones about the actual subjects won't even matter.. you still pass.
jenny1978 Posted - 13 July 2006 14:52  Show Profile
how would you say they are in plan view are there words i should look for or ?

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