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lildevil862007Posted - 1 November 2005 13:9  Show Profile
hi my name is kayla and i have some examples of the scores that you need to get to pass the ged and scores you dont need that are failing.
Example 1
Writing- 440
Social Studies- 420
Science- 450
Reading- 430
Math- 410
Total= 2150
Results- Not Passing
This person had at least 410 on each test but did not had a total of 2250 points.

Example 2
Writing- 460
Social Studies- 430
Science- 520
Reading- 470
Math- 440
Total= 2320
Results- Passing
This person had at least 410 on each test and a total of over 2250 points

Example 3
Writing- 500
Social Studies- 620
Science- 520
Reading- 480
Math- 400
Results- Not passing
This person had the required 2250 total points, but did not have a mininum of 410 on each test.

well i thought that this might help you a little if i gave some examples of what passing and not passing is

lildevil862007 Posted - 1 November 2005 13:27  Show Profile
i would also like to let anyone and everyone that wants to know what the percentage of passing the GED and what the perfect score of passing is.<BR>well the percentage is 52%.<BR>There are 5 tests on the GED. 800 is a perfect score on each of the test. You can check how many questions there are on each test and divide that number into 800 to determine how much each question is worth. Let us take reading. There are 40 questions on the test. Each question is right, which is a 420. 21 is about a 52% of 40. You must understand this will not allow you to pass the entire test. In order to obtain your GED you must have a 450 average with no score below 410. The essay is scored a little differently because you have to make at least a 2 on your essay for them to even grade the multiple choice, but the top score is still 800. i hope this helps you understand a little better. GOOD LUCK on passing. An Education is an open door to opportunities.

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