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delta013Posted - 24 October 2005 20:21  Show Profile

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the GED essay requires print or cursive writing? Or can either one be used?


AKEEYA Posted - 25 October 2005 13:47  Show Profile
just print
delta013 Posted - 28 October 2005 16:21  Show Profile
Thanks :)
kingping21 Posted - 29 November 2005 22:26  Show Profile
yeah...... just readable print will do!?!?
Jo24 Posted - 8 December 2005 17:10  Show Profile
The instructor I had told me that either cursive or print would be okay. She said the essay graders were trained to read all forms of handwriting. I sure hope so, since mine was terribly sloppy toward the end from my hand cramping up due to all of the writing.
molage Posted - 12 September 2015 1:52  Show Profile
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Pickles1910 Posted - 21 October 2015 9:58  Show Profile
print only

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