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shawizzlePosted - 18 October 2005 23:25  Show Profile
I am not from the U.S so i don't know much about the GED. I would like to know though if when ur takin the GED for the first time do u hav to take science and social studies with it too r u can take the maths and english alone to get into a college.
Thanks for ur help
lildevil862007 Posted - 20 October 2005 8:20  Show Profile
hey well there are usually 5 sections that i know of. They are Science, Social Studies, Math, Language Arts: Writing, and Language Arts: Reading. i hope that answers your question, and if you need anymore info i can try to help you.<BR>email my if you need to. lildevil862007@4testsmail.com or lildevil14482@netscape.net<BR>~kayla~
nettaann Posted - 20 October 2005 20:55  Show Profile
Kayla is right about the tests involved in the GED. You will need to check with the college you are planning on attending, but I believe you will need to have your GED. If you live in the state of Texas, you will also have to take the THEA test. Obtaining your GED is the first step I would suggest you take. Many community colleges, libraries and literacy councils offer free or low cost classes to help you prepare for the GED. I teach GED classes and I know it takes a lot of work. I wish you luck on your path to a higher education.
shawizzle Posted - 21 October 2005 11:45  Show Profile
Thank u Kayla and nettaann for ur help i really appreciate it and if i hav anymore ques i will let u both know. Thank you again

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