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brunettedivaPosted - 18 October 2005 16:39  Show Profile
if anyone could help me on math i'd really appeciate it greatly....
AKEEYA Posted - 25 October 2005 13:51  Show Profile
WHAT YOU NEED HELP WITH. What kind of math
kingping21 Posted - 29 November 2005 22:38  Show Profile
if its fractions,decimals,percents,interagers,and graphs ill probably be able to help!?!? </P><P>P.S. try this EXAMPLE:) 3x-1=11 find out what x equals and then plug it in this equation.........X^2+X=?......^means squared:^)if u didnt Know!?!?
2hundy Posted - 19 January 2006 11:2  Show Profile
hey what kind of math are you having troubles with??? i might be able to help...
dgallo Posted - 23 January 2006 13:21  Show Profile
^ doesn't mean squared it means to the power of... so X^3 means X to the third power or X*X*X and X^1 is just X and X^0 is always 1

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