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navydork21Posted - 15 October 2005 12:0  Show Profile
Calculator allowed on Asvab? Graphing Cal?
cassidy2005 Posted - 18 October 2005 13:7  Show Profile
hey sorry to say no they are not. i just took the ASVBA today. the math is not that hard like people say it is i got a 99 on the hole thing so u will do good</P><P>PVT.Nedza,Christina
yet Posted - 17 November 2005 7:59  Show Profile
this is not that hard if you try
ROBD1 Posted - 17 November 2005 8:3  Show Profile
Wuz up?
yet Posted - 17 November 2005 8:4  Show Profile
nothing much
Wildboy16 Posted - 25 January 2006 14:33  Show Profile
Hey- I want to join the Air Force! What's the hardest part of the ASVAB test!!
Wildboy16 Posted - 16 February 2006 14:34  Show Profile
Hello??? Anybody there???
derrickswife06 Posted - 22 March 2006 7:14  Show Profile
Sorry, calculators are ot allowed but it's not that hard. just study as much as you can.
Jimra Posted - 28 December 2006 22:26  Show Profile
Trying to pass the asvab , Really nervous any pointers are great study books I should look into ??
carebaby Posted - 31 January 2007 12:29  Show Profile
can someone help me with the math part of the asvab<BR>
derrick24 Posted - 14 May 2008 18:13  Show Profile
im going to take the test tomorrow but i do have problems on Arithmetic reasoning what is a good book too study.
abetz741 Posted - 16 June 2008 20:59  Show Profile
i'm going to take te test tomorrow, and i sick in math.
SMcCroskey Posted - 13 October 2008 22:15  Show Profile
I scored a 62.16% On the Practice ASVAB Test is that good or bad?? Please let me know I need to know if I should Practice more my test is this Wednesday. Thanks!
drw27 Posted - 9 March 2009 15:23  Show Profile
i really need your and tips on the arithmetic part of the asvab
pelinalabay Posted - 8 July 2009 17:50  Show Profile
as a mathematical engineer, I am a foreign nationatilty, dont know much info about WK part as an americans..<BR>maths. have some methods, the simple tip to study word problems is, you should understand what exactly question wants(sometimes one word define it) then know how to put them in a equation(s) ..first, you can start with to solve one unknown eqns. then more n more unknows, keep practice ..<BR>good luck,
mark456 Posted - 9 July 2009 0:17  Show Profile
ASVAB math is not very tough, but it can be tricky. Turning a good ASVAB math score into a great ASVAB math score requires learning to avoid &quot;careless&quot; errors&#8212;and realizing that these errors are often the result of traps built into the questions.</P><P>Know What to Expect<BR>The two math sections on the ASVAB are called &quot;Arithmetic Reasoning&quot; and &quot;Mathematical Knowledge.&quot; Because together they form the quantitative half of the Armed Forces Qualifying Test, you'll want to do well on these sections no matter what your ultimate vocational aim in the military is.<BR>mark456</P><P>&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.legalx.net&quot;&gt; Lawyer&lt;/a&gt;
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