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shawizzlePosted - 14 October 2005 9:38  Show Profile
i would like to know what is the past mark in percentage i know that u hav to hav 410 scores in each section but wat would b the passing percentage plz help me.
lildevil862007 Posted - 14 October 2005 11:39  Show Profile
hi my name is kayla and well i looked and looked on the internet and i even asked a few people what the percentages were but they didnt know and i could find it on the internet.. i would also like to know what the percentage for passing the GED is... sorry that i couldnt help you anymore... but if it would help any i found a phone number that tells you where you can take you GED and i am thinking maybe that they can help you find out the percentages. well if there is anything else that i can help you with just let me know. ok well you can email me at lildevil862007@4testsmail.com or at lildevil14482@netscape.net<BR>~kayla~
nettaann Posted - 15 October 2005 21:37  Show Profile
Maybe I can help you. A perfect score is 800, therefore to make a 410 you need to make about 52%.
lildevil862007 Posted - 18 October 2005 11:43  Show Profile
hi this is kayla i have a question nettaann, where did you get your information because i would like to know how you go a 52% and dont get me wrong im not saying that you are wrong i would just like to know how you get the percentage answer for taking the GED... i hope you get what i am trying to say. well i would like it if you emailed me or post a reply to my question... thanks, kayla
shawizzle Posted - 18 October 2005 23:18  Show Profile
hi nettaann thank u for ur help i really appreciate it.

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