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tweetybird0315Posted - 12 October 2005 0:18  Show Profile
Hey, is anyone else taking the SAT on Nov. 5
windfall Posted - 17 October 2005 15:41  Show Profile
yup I am...and I'm starting to freak out!!!!!
uh Posted - 20 October 2005 10:55  Show Profile
Jinglez Posted - 24 October 2005 11:57  Show Profile
im taking the sat on the 5th of november too.But i have signed for the 3ed of December SAT also so im not that freeked out. I have a question though. I have heared that if one takes the SAT 2 times, if you get,for example, higher math and lower verbal on the first SAT, and for example get higher verbal and lower math on the 2nd SAT, do the higher results combine? I mean will college board get my higher math and my higher verbal?
HeavenSentxX Posted - 30 October 2005 21:2  Show Profile
it depends on what college. some will take the best section of diff. SATs and others will take the best scored , in general, SAT
Jinglez Posted - 4 November 2005 2:57  Show Profile
Ook. My SAT is tomorrow and im freaked out :( I think i can do preatty well on the math and also on the writing section. Only problem is the damned verbal :( I have studied the "yellow pages" words on the back of the Barrons. But i feel like this is not enough. I just hope i can get high score. Im also worried about the essay. didn't have the opportunity to practice becouse i am selflearner and there is just no1 that can score my essay. i just hope i do well there. My TOEFL essay was scored 4 no idea why:(. Ok guys i wish luck to whoever is going to take the test tomorrow.
badralaa22 Posted - 5 November 2005 12:48  Show Profile
am also takin the nov. SAT exam!!! god be with us!!! i hope it comes better than the oct. exam!!
mikaylad Posted - 7 November 2005 19:46  Show Profile
since you have taken the SAT, can you possibly help me? I am twelve, nervous, and taking my test in January. I have absolutely no materials, and i am looking for a possible study group. I am totally lost. I have a computer disc, but it was my brothers study stuff five years ago. I dont know how outdated the software is, but i need someone to come through and help me. Contact me at sun101for2@aol.com
ksdfhqwf Posted - 15 September 2010 0:7  Show Profile
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