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jbpr77Posted - 23 May 2015 16:17  Show Profile
luispatzan Posted - 25 May 2015 0:7  Show Profile
i got 66% no idea if its good or failing...
jbpr77 Posted - 25 May 2015 6:22  Show Profile
We are still in doubt. But it is important that we continue practicing and studying . I recommend the book " ASVAB for Dummies " 3rd Edition. A recruiter for the National Guard sent me . For now it is book best to study.
Simonef14 Posted - 26 May 2015 13:36  Show Profile
If you are taking the test to join the military you need a 50% to pass. If you are taking it for your own reasons or school then there is no passing or failing grade you are just using the number to determine what would be your ideal career of choice.
sarahrodrigez Posted - 28 May 2015 23:46  Show Profile
well the exam that this website gives has different grading system so the percentile doesn't really matter. I would suggest you to just practice vocab, reading comprehension and mathematics to see what grade you get. For MAVNI over 50% is required and for citizens are only 30%.
jbpr77 Posted - 29 May 2015 7:54  Show Profile
Gracias Sarah por tu respuesta.</P><P> And to all the other users too. Anyway, I will continue studying. I want to prepare myself very well. God willing, in August I will be taking the ASVAB in Puerto Rico. I hope to do very well!!
CMM_RIP Posted - 25 June 2015 19:53  Show Profile
Well I got a 67 on my PASVAB and my recruiter said it was a great score. So a 64 shouldn't be bad

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