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nedaboocadePosted - 7 May 2015 11:49  Show Profile
HEY I AM CURRENTLY STUDYING FOR MY GED.I HAVE TAKEN THE SOCIAL STUDIES & R&LA EXAM & I passED BOTH WITH A 155.I TAKE THE SCIENCE EXAM THIS COMING MONDAY, BUT ALL OF A SUDDEN I AM GETTING LESS THAN passING SCORES ON MY PRACTICE EXAMS.I TOOK 3 PRACTICE EXAMS PRIOR TO THIS MONTH & I passED ALL 3(154,159,171)BUT NOW I JUST TOOK A 4TH & FAILED(143). My GED teacher informed me about this website to take the tests given & i failed part a&b with a 63% & 50%. Could it be my nerves or should i not take the test & study more???
justinjones2k Posted - 7 May 2015 14:51  Show Profile
Ive often found that most of the practice tests, do not have the same questions at all from the real test. While preparing with practice tests is fine, the best practice is the real test. I passed mine first time but barely. Thanks!
Keondria18 Posted - 5 August 2015 15:7  Show Profile
have Anyone took the HISET GED test ?
k.mayfield09 Posted - 12 August 2015 16:40  Show Profile
I have taken and passed the science portion of the GED, I failed it twice before i finally passed. I will tell you to do a lot of studying and know things that they suggest in the percentage ranks of whats actually on the test, I too got a high score on the GED Ready Science Practice test, but I failed the real GED test twice before passing it. I honestly Believe that the practice test doesn't prepare you for the real GED Test. The questions on the science portion goes back to middle and high school science that most people have forgotten and that they don't expect on the GED test. If you have any questions I will be Happy to help, I have passed RLA,Science and Social Studies, I am still struggling with math.
Pickles1910 Posted - 21 October 2015 10:0  Show Profile
yes i have taken it but did not p*** i did though take the practice test and got a 160
AlizeNichols Posted - 2 March 2016 10:46  Show Profile
Taken my hiset this Sa****ay , very nervous ugh.

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