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sillybuttPosted - 5 October 2005 14:4  Show Profile
I need to know exactally how they grade the Ged test. do they do it like you have to make an over all 60 or an over all 70, do they grade by section? i really need to know. i made a 63.64 on one of my practice tests would that pass me in the actual test?
lildevil862007 Posted - 11 October 2005 13:4  Show Profile
i dont know where you are from but the grading is alot diff. they grade each section. and the passing score is 450 per section.
sillybutt Posted - 12 October 2005 20:28  Show Profile
i still dont get it, what does that mean 450 per section....im so confused...</P><P>~~~JESSI~~~
lildevil862007 Posted - 13 October 2005 8:15  Show Profile
well im sorry i meant you need to get a 410 on each section in order to pass the section that you are taking. and what i mean is that each section that you take you will, well you should score at least a 410 on it. and if you make a 410 or above then you have passed the section. the highest score that i have gotten was a 460 and the lowest that i recieved was a 390 and that was in language arts pt. 1 well if you need anymore help feel free to email me at lildevil14482@netscape.net or at lildevil862007@4testsmail.com<BR>sorry if i didnt help you anymore but im going to look for some more info that i can give you.. what state do you live in? i would help me to find out what your requirements are for passing the test. c-ya
sillybutt Posted - 15 October 2005 20:42  Show Profile
thank you, i think, lol, i live in Texas, im not sure how it all works here, you can e-mail me at uberhoochimomma@hotmail.com<BR>when you get anything else that can help me. </P><P>~~~JESSI~~~
nettaann Posted - 15 October 2005 21:31  Show Profile
Just a little help on understanding the grading of the GED test. A perfect score is 800 on each test. In order to pass and obtain a GED you must have an average of 450 with no individual test below a 410. The GED is a national test, therfore it does not matter what state you live in.
lildevil862007 Posted - 17 October 2005 11:17  Show Profile
and if you would like to know the percentage to pass the ged test, it is a 52%.
nettaann Posted - 20 October 2005 20:40  Show Profile
52% will pass an individual test it will not allow you to obtain a GED. You must have an average of 450 with no score below 410. This means you will have to make better than 52% on one or more of the tests. I teach GED classes and I know it is a little difficult to understand. I work with students every day that are working on average. They have passed all tests but still do not have average. We calculate how many questions they need to get right in order to pass. 60% is a better number to shoot for to pass the GED

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