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anthony.cornell.92Posted - 5 April 2015 0:4  Show Profile
There are several questions in this test where the answer is simply wrong... Specifically the bank section... It states that managers can NOT work together it also states that S who is a manager will not work on Sa****ay... It also states that a manager must be present meaning that by default manager T does have a restriction to only working on Sunday... You're answer clearly states that The can work on Sa****ay because there is no restrictions placed on it.... Simply false... I found 4 clearly identifiable wrong answers in this practice test... Possibly 5 because there were 2 very correct answers within one question.... These need corrected
anthony.cornell.92 Posted - 5 April 2015 0:7  Show Profile
Also the mangers can not work consecutive days... Meaning there would not be a manager present by the answer this test gives
ig0psycho Posted - 12 February 2017 12:41  Show Profile
The race questions are also messed up.
tiffaneem1 Posted - 5 November 2017 11:55  Show Profile
I agree this does need to be corrected.

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