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zcurtisPosted - 21 February 2015 8:48  Show Profile
How does a 77% on the practice GRE here translate to a potential score on the real exam?
lizieralizard Posted - 6 January 2016 21:27  Show Profile
i dont know. I came here with the same question. Its super annoying that I just spent hours on this test and now have results that make no sense!
Laurennicole95 Posted - 21 January 2016 23:25  Show Profile
you cannot tell, as some questions are weighted heavier than others. The earlier questions tend to be worth more and is a good idea to take your time on those. However this is designed to let you know what you need to work on and what sections are the weakest for you. The people that write these tests are not allowed to actually see the real questions on previous tests but they are allowed to take the test and write their own questions based on what they remember. The best use of this website is to find out where your weak points lie. Good luck on the test!

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