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babyblue26Posted - 2 October 2005 11:19  Show Profile
TimM450 Posted - 2 October 2005 18:5  Show Profile
you and me both.
babyblue26 Posted - 3 October 2005 9:8  Show Profile
i dont understand any of it
Ajeel06 Posted - 21 May 2006 8:25  Show Profile
its not all that hard, i speak for my self. I decided to take the GED because i was getting held back in school to much....i knew the GED was the easyest way to college...and i was told college was more relaxing ans "simple" than high school.....so i took what ever i knew form high school, such as geometry, english, some history (not my fav subject) and the easy 8th grade level science.....i still haven't taken the GED because i dunno how to sign up for it in the internet. i live in a country outside of the US and its a pain in the ass ordering the test to my nearest testing center. iwish there was a website that would deliver the test in a easy, less hassiling way.
zreid Posted - 21 May 2006 17:14  Show Profile
I live in New Zealand and recently took the GED so I can get into a US college faster than having to wait to finish highschool this year (my 13th year!!).. I don't know if you've found it already but prometric.com probably has testing sites in your country and it's not such a big hassle as one might think more just really expensive. Good luck!
Lylytha Posted - 7 June 2006 12:56  Show Profile
I need help on the math part of the test...or else I'll totally flunk.<BR>I'm suppose to take the terst in August but I need help on the math, every part of the math.
rockinggirl Posted - 7 June 2006 13:14  Show Profile
The GED is not hard if you know some government and writing. Dont worry because if you do you are going ot do bad. And I (who did not get passed my first year in high school)Got mine in three months.So.............. You can do it, it take knowledge.
zreid Posted - 7 June 2006 15:6  Show Profile
Yeah its not that hard - having done my 13 years of schooling in NZ I knew nothing of US history/government etc etc - I used a GED study book and it was great - I got my diploma in the mail yesterday!!
Paulisha Posted - 22 June 2006 13:58  Show Profile
If there's anyone who could help me study for this test I would gladly appreciate it I have a very busy schedule but I need and want my Ged. I have a school I'm attending just need help in every subject. I NEED A TUTOR
krl Posted - 23 June 2006 11:9  Show Profile
Information that may help some for those under the age of 22. There is a online school to where you can get your actual H.S.D ideal for those who are in the 10th 11th grade. They supply you with the computer the choice of a lap top or reg. puter all school suplies nesscessary books,paper,pens,etc. the only requirement is that you have a phone they even pay for the internet if u don't have it. The web site is www.ohdela.net sometimes it don't pop up so in the search engine type the word ohdela

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