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uriel.castillaPosted - 29 January 2015 11:53  Show Profile
****o, I just took the SAT practice and I got 71%.Is that a good score? It was the first time I took it. I don´t know so much about the test because I´m not from the USA but I would like to study there
Painter98 Posted - 21 January 2017 17:46  Show Profile
It's my frist time takeing the sat and I have special Ed classes do I get a one on one teacher
top_Steve Posted - 8 March 2017 14:3  Show Profile
thats ****ing garbage are you serious? are you a ****ing imbecile? Ive seen autistic dogs with aids do better than your no scare havinass. I'll have you know i got a 30% in a matter of 2 minutes ****o. Eat a fat one and move on.
TPKSAT Posted - 20 March 2017 4:51  Show Profile
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emma.d.s Posted - 3 May 2017 14:32  Show Profile
you have no right to call anyone on here an imbecile you ***t no one perfect ...and sorry to break it to you buh neither are you!
Sarah_sharma Posted - 23 December 2017 1:18  Show Profile
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onel Posted - 13 May 2019 15:3  Show Profile
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