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MaddieA237Posted - 9 October 2014 17:22  Show Profile
I'm about to take my ASVAB in a few weeks most likely to get into the Army and each topic I've read about so far is about whether the practice test resembles the real test and what is the comparison between percentile for this and what you would make on the actual ASVAB.. Honestly all any one can really do is look up the different topics on the ASVAB and study a little on each topic. Also when taking the test don't freak out over the time limit. It should be just like taking the SAT or ACT. As long as you don't freak out you should do fine. Freaking out causes mistakes so stay calm and do your best. That's all they can really ask for and all you can really give.
adam.monroe.5832 Posted - 22 October 2014 15:15  Show Profile
I'm really nervous about taking the ASVAB cause I'm afraid i will fail is there anything that will help me taking the test as far as studying and preparing for it.
MaddieA237 Posted - 22 October 2014 15:31  Show Profile
The only advice I can really give is keep retaking the practice tests but focus on the parts that you keep getting wrong. Review the questions and see why you got it wrong then focus on fixing what you did wrong. Other than that I can't really say much else cause that's what I'm doing. I'm retaking the tests and focusing on the hardest things to me.
JamesCene123 Posted - 24 October 2014 8:32  Show Profile
I just took the test at my high school. Felt like I was going to get in the high 80's but when I got my paper back I made a 25 I'm really up set because this is my last year in high school and now I have to go to M.E.P's and retake it I really hope that I pass next time because the Army is really the only way out for me and also to get into college.
MaddieA237 Posted - 24 October 2014 13:12  Show Profile
One of the main reasons I am trying to get into the army was because it pays for college. But just know that you have to serve your time in before you can go to college. They have different acts and bills and stuff that pays for college. One pays for 120hr worth of credits and the ther pays from 120-150 hrs. Basiy they pay for 3 yrs and if you do it right you can get a bachelors degree in 3 yrs by taking summer courses. The average score is between 31-45 so don't get discouraged. I got a 42 the first time I took it and the jobs I want require a minimum of 70. So I'm going to study a lot and retake it.

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