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lildevil862007Posted - 26 September 2005 13:59  Show Profile
Is there anyone that can help me pass my ged you know anything that i can study???? please help... email me at either: lildevil862007@4testsmail.com or @ lildevil14482@netscape.net thank you alot....
AKEEYA Posted - 26 October 2005 14:28  Show Profile
Hi, my name is Ashaki. I took my test and i can help you on it. What do you need help with? I have a hard time with the essay part, so we can help each other. You can hit me up at SANDYHOMERED@YAHOO.COM
amandas1981 Posted - 28 October 2005 14:8  Show Profile
hi my name is amanda and i need help to pass the ged test i droped out in the 9th grade and now i raise 4 children on my own i dream of go to get a R N degree but i am haveing trouble passing my ged
lildevil862007 Posted - 31 October 2005 13:19  Show Profile
HI my name is kayla, 4tests.com is a good website to help you study for your GED and also there is a couple other websites that can help you with passing your GED.<BR>They are:<BR>www.gedpractice.com<BR>www.literacylink.org<BR>www.testprepreview.com<BR>and this website. <BR>im sorry if im no help but if you need anymore help just email me at either lildevil862007@4testsmail.com or<BR>lildevil14482@netscape.net<BR>kayla
Naja Posted - 18 November 2005 0:23  Show Profile
www.testprepreview.com<BR>I'v been there, The problem is that On Math many ansers are wrong, I didnt get to look any other test but the firs 2 are ... not good
lildevil862007 Posted - 21 November 2005 9:45  Show Profile
im really sorry but there is another one that a teacher had givin to me and the website is:<BR>www.literacylink.org</P><P>and once again sorry for that one website... really

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