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Chaparra.55Posted - 3 September 2014 2:24  Show Profile
So im 17 and im trying to get my ged. I just need to know about some programs that can help me study and get my ged fast. I need more help in math since Im really bad at it. I need help !
hammy1991 Posted - 8 September 2014 16:8  Show Profile
I'm using Kaplan 2014 test prep book, also this great free website called Khan academy. This website covers a lot of math
wcon Posted - 2 January 2015 21:58  Show Profile
If you need more math instruction watch the free videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHcTRai-SgI&amp;feature=youtu.be<BR>They are pretty in-depth. It helped me a lot.<BR>
wcon Posted - 2 January 2015 22:6  Show Profile
Oops I meant to link this one: http://www.gedboard.com/courses/ged-mathematics/
Briankeith Posted - 27 January 2015 8:8  Show Profile
hi im 17 getting my ged if u go to ged contemporary <BR>it will help a lot
Ayan_Senpai Posted - 5 March 2015 17:37  Show Profile
GED is getting more harder last year only language arts reading has essay and now 3 of the test has essay social study, science and language arts reading. well this coming sa****ay im going to take a test math my favorite..
KING*ACE!13579 Posted - 6 March 2015 7:40  Show Profile
I'm 16. I've been thinking about taking the Ged so I can help my family. People say what are you trying to take this. It is not good to do this. Why don't they instead try to help people like me to take the Ged. I use to be one the most imature kids you could know. What it took for me to mature was being lock up for 8 months and also seeing one of my love ones shot in front of me. I can't believe that happen still to this day. god please help me and every one else on this website to pass it and get what they are trying to get. Thank You cahse for sending me here. Bye :)
hagi Posted - 7 March 2015 9:48  Show Profile
h&#305; &#305; want to ask ged what is this<BR>

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