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ChandlerMurphUSMCPosted - 22 August 2014 16:29  Show Profile
My names Chandler I plan on joining the Marine Corps my senior year of high school I scored a 36% on the ASVAB any suggestions?
cecilia64 Posted - 26 August 2014 22:43  Show Profile
try to know all of the keywords for addition (sum); subtraction (difference or remaining); multiplication (product, of); and division (quotient, per). there are other words you can search for that will tell you what type of word problem it is. Once you know the type of problem, use the formula for that type of problems. For example, if it is a proportion problem, look for words like "per" or "or every something". use the proportion formula, a/b = a/b. plug in the variables, solve and check. I hope this helps.
ChandlerMurphUSMC Posted - 27 August 2014 10:2  Show Profile
Alright thank you!
asbarnes153 Posted - 27 August 2014 18:5  Show Profile
Hey I scored a 36 on the practice too. my weakness was arithmetic and word knowledge. Im so ready to pass it so I can get into the Navy. Even if I suck at word knowledge, I would like to do good in the math proportion so don't feel bad and I am a college student who hates math ;(
ChandlerMurphUSMC Posted - 27 August 2014 18:8  Show Profile
Hey man a 36 is passing for both the army or marines but since I'm homeschooled I'll have to score a 50 but I'm only in 8th grade so I'm sure I'll score a 50 or over my senior year just keep studying man and buy the ASVAB for dummies study book. An same here man i scored low cause arithmetic and auto shop and mechanics.
ChandlerMurphUSMC Posted - 27 August 2014 18:13  Show Profile
I'm gonna take some colleges cl***es for auto and mechanics so I can get knowledge on it. So I can score higher on the asvab....
nick.nieruchalski Posted - 20 September 2014 19:33  Show Profile
i scored a 59% on the practice test for my asvab what does that mean for my afqt score????

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