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testmaterialsPosted - 22 September 2005 16:28  Show Profile

We are part of a group conducting a study on differences in SAT tests in different parts of the country. We are interested in tests taken March 2005 and later. If you DID NOT take the SAT on a Saturday because of religious reasons or because you are an international student who took the test outside of the US, we may be interested in buying your test booklet. We're looking for tests taken on Saturday on the East Coast, too. We will pay you $25 or make a $50 donation to your choice of religious or charitable organization for complete booklets that contain minimal writing. We need your actual test book, COPIES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.

If you are interested, simply e-mail the text of question one from all three SAT Critical Reasoning (verbal) sections to testmaterials@gmail.com. That's 3 questions from 3 different sections. If your test booklet is complete, contains minimal writing and we do not already have it in stock, then we'll supply you with an address to send the test booklet.

Easy, huh? Yeah, we think so. So if you have a test, you meet the conditions mentioned above and you'd like to BE PAID FOR IT...you've come to the right place.

Also...we're looking for SAT essays that scored an 8 or higher from March 2005 and later. If you know you got a great score on your essay, download it from www.collegeboard.com (you can e-mail us at testmaterials@gmail.com for instructions on how to download your essay) and e-mail it to us. We'll read it over, and if we like what we see, we'll pay you $15 for the essay or donate $25 to your favorite charity or religious organization. Thanks for reading and HAPPY TESTING!

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