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markita.mcqueen.3Posted - 11 August 2014 14:33  Show Profile
Help I'am going nuts here, I have taken the ASVAB 2 or 3 times and I can't get past 29. I last score was a 26 but I need a 31 in order to qualify and join the Army. This is what I'm longing for but I need some serious help. I will dedicate my time into raising my score but I don't know what is messing with it. Do I need a study partner? If there is anyone out there, please help me get a 40-50 score or just enough to pass the exam.
Lchanel18 Posted - 13 August 2014 15:41  Show Profile
Im joining the navy and im having the same problem the second time i took the test i scored a 26 and i need to score a 35. For me personally i think the math part is the hardest thing on there.
Slinky621 Posted - 17 August 2014 12:14  Show Profile
What are you trying to go in as? Math and English is what determines your MOS options.
markita.mcqueen.3 Posted - 20 August 2014 14:4  Show Profile
Transporter as a Humvee Driver.
marvaniles Posted - 29 August 2014 17:26  Show Profile
My recruiter said that did better on the English section but I still need to study more math. I use the practice test here and on military.com and watch all of the videos on that ASVAB Study Zone website. I also started memorizing my times tables again. I want a medical job.

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