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ruthbyrnsPosted - 20 September 2005 16:9  Show Profile
Has anyone taken this test recently? If so, what type of study should I do?
wmiller82 Posted - 22 May 2006 10:17  Show Profile
I took it a month ago. It's just Reading Comp. Ability to read and understand poetry is a plus, there are quite a few poems you need to analyze.</P><P>I'd suggest taking a couple practice tests, get used to the types of literature passages they will use.
mdelmain Posted - 23 May 2006 16:18  Show Profile
Does the CLEP Study Guide help any to prepare? Or is it better to just take this sample test? Thanks!
DegreeWiz Posted - 7 June 2006 15:34  Show Profile
I used the REA best test prep guide and got an scored an A with Excelsior College. </P><P>testingoutofcollege.com
EllaDuhon2 Posted - 6 August 2006 12:18  Show Profile
I would like to register for this examination,my name is Ella Duhon and I am a student at AIU-ONLINE and I have a few classes that I needed to take so please inform me what to do or how do I take the exam.
jwalcarter Posted - 23 February 2007 3:17  Show Profile
That was a horrible test! There were several questions regarding the analysis of Hamlet, Robert Frost, etc. The only redeeming thing about the test is the fact that you only have to have a score of 50 to pass. I had heard from several people that it was an easy test to pass, but I was a straight A English student and I received a 53:[
Charts Posted - 14 April 2007 5:29  Show Profile
I am about to take the test for analyzing and interpreting literature. Please advise me if there is any particular material, poems, authors I should review prior to taking the exam. I have the pass your class material but I am uncertain if this material is a good reference for the exam. If anyone has use this material please inform me if it help pass the exam. In addition, I am utilizing REA practice exams. I still do not feel that I am ready to take the tests based on the information I have read in the posts. Please advise me if anyone has used this material and any other sources or authors/poems I should focus on regarding the exam. Please help!</P><P>Thank you.<BR>A.

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