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pethesahilPosted - 25 June 2014 11:10  Show Profile
I scored 67% on my first GRE test here... I have yet to start studying anything yet. I know this translates to about 320 which is a good score but the thing what I wanna ask is how similar will the final GRE be in comparison? I will be giving my exam roughly 4 months after this date. Also, if anyone would like to suggest me some universities in USA (Chicago would be preferable cause my Aunt lives there), please do. Thanks in advance!
kenzphill Posted - 3 July 2014 22:12  Show Profile
How did you figure out that translates into a 320?
pethesahil Posted - 4 July 2014 1:20  Show Profile
Well actually later I found out that it was out of 60 marks so it would be somewhat 300/320. Not sure though

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