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Jwharton26Posted - 6 April 2014 4:41  Show Profile
I'd like to get a 50 for the airforce. Do u think with studying i can get that? Is a 44 good for practice test
Katlyn18 Posted - 7 April 2014 12:56  Show Profile
44 is not that good. and for air force on the azvab your gonna need a 50 or better to join the air force. Good luck
Sir_Meowzalot Posted - 7 April 2014 12:59  Show Profile
What you look like guh?<BR>
Light$kinned_Yezzuss Posted - 7 April 2014 13:0  Show Profile
are you a fat ***** or you fine wat you look like hoe
Katlyn18 Posted - 7 April 2014 16:29  Show Profile
For real.... grow up
Katlyn18 Posted - 7 April 2014 16:57  Show Profile
I must be fine since I got people hitting on me all the time, and I got a bf so......
pentane Posted - 8 April 2014 2:12  Show Profile
Get ASVAB for dummies. It has practice tests and answers and will help you

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