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tbranch1923Posted - 28 December 2013 17:24  Show Profile
I really need help with the arithmetic reasoning part of the asvab im sort of ok with the math knowledge just the arithmetic reasoning is driving me crazy ! i just want to take the test already any help ? study buddies would be great also
JhayAr Posted - 29 December 2013 23:52  Show Profile
Get a College algebra book. All you need to know in math is up to Quadratic equations and polynomials. You get high points for answering those correct. Good luck!
JhayAr Posted - 30 December 2013 0:3  Show Profile
For aritmetic, know the math word translation. </P><P>sum, plus, more than, added to, combined, total means : addition</P><P>minus, less than, difference between, decreased by : subtraction</P><P>is, was, equals, is equivalent to, is the same as, adds up to : =</P><P>times, product, ultiplied by, of, twice, double, triple : multiplication</P><P>divided by, over, quotient, per, out of , into : division</P><P>what, how much, how many, a number : variable, x, n, etc...

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