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mermaidkitty13Posted - 14 December 2013 14:28  Show Profile
I take my math december 19th, and the full exam (minus the math if I pass the first time) on the 21st. The test changes in 2014, it is going to cost more, and the writing is being taken out, which I find unfair and honestly ridiculous. Why wouldnt you want to be sure americans can write and understand something before you go putting them through college? Anyways, the point of this post is to see if anybody has passed verything in one shot.....because its the last shot I have, and the very first time i am ever going to take the test. If anyone has any helpful tips for the math, and science sections, PLEASE POST BELOW! Any help is better than no help (: also, is the test that much different than the test questions posted on this website? Or do they do a decent job at preparing us for the real thing?!

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