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getthrown89Posted - 1 December 2013 18:20  Show Profile
hi im trying to join the air force. I take the asvab test next month and need help. do anyone know any books or sites i can go to. this will be my second time i will be taking this and dont want to fail. i will be really appreciate it if any one got any tips.
mafatima.compson Posted - 2 December 2013 1:26  Show Profile
Same here. I still gotta talk to the recruiter tomorrow but if you go to military.com they have short-test and 3 full-test and each section has 250+ questions that you can study for free. I use that website, Barron's Asvab flash cards, and McGraw Hill's book cuz I took a test couple of years ago but the questions here at 4tests are very similar to what they have when you take the asvab test at meps.

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