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kr1stychaPosted - 21 November 2013 17:56  Show Profile
So im taking the PAP ASVAB (paper and pencil version) in march, ive been studying everyday and I feel confident that I will pass, however the day we test there will be about 5 recruiters walking around, they sometimes even stand behind you while you test. This gets me soo nervous and I go blank. How can I over come this??
AlfonsoAA Posted - 26 November 2013 4:15  Show Profile
I'm too studying and about to take the cat-asvab test and a great way for me to be stress free is to study on your weak sides until you are firm with your sections. Aside from studying go do some exercise have some fun, but once your back to your routine know what YOU need most help on and have an opened mind about things and that's been working out for me so far. I wish you the best of luck.
JhayAr Posted - 30 December 2013 0:13  Show Profile
Just straight focus at what task in hand. You know why you are there, pay no attention to them. Nothing to be nervous about unless your cheating lol.

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