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samantha.montuoroPosted - 18 November 2013 11:57  Show Profile
im terrible in math no matter how hard i study.how are you graded on your general scores and are is AR,MK,PC and WK the only ones that count?
i passed the pretest with a 56 at my recruiting office and i got a 61 on this online test for the asvab on this site.

most of the math questions were wrong.
What should i focus on the most for the AR and MK sections?


Toriannatodd Posted - 19 November 2013 14:48  Show Profile
Hi, I'm Torry and i just took my ASVAB last night and scored a 34 :( I have to retest on December 18 and although i did score a qualifying score, I will tell you the Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, Math, and Arithmetic is THE most important subjects on the test. There are 10 sections of the test, the other 7 are General Science, Auto and Shop Information, Electrical Information, Mechanical Comprehension, ***embling Objects, and I can't remember the other too! the best thing I can tell you to do is to STUDY... I have bought multiple books that helped me even get the score that I got.. Read carefully, the test is made for you to mess up. TAKE YOUR TIME!!!! and when it comes to the word knowledge beak the word down, if its used in a sentence, take each answer choice given and replace it with the underlined word to see if it makes sense if you don't know what the word means... I am also going into the Navy... I know what the test is like, and I have a better understanding of what it expected of me... If you don't pass it the first time, know that if it's is something you want to do and you go home and you study hard for it, you'll get it the second time around!!! Good luck, I hope my attempt of helping you worked.. You'll do fine focus, focus, focus! YOU GOT THIS
shawn.ealy.7 Posted - 19 November 2013 20:19  Show Profile
yeah thos four subjects u must score good at...especially math.<BR>the extra ones have to do with the jobs you want that have to do with auto, mechanics etc..but its still good to score good in thos areas. the more points the better.<BR>take a college cl*** for math, get a tutor, get a math book like basic math..the test is stuff u dun out of high school. if u did actually took the test you would of been accepted. u must score a 50 or higher but u should aim to score more for the job you want. <BR>im going back in tomorrow to take a practice test. don't stress about it keep practicing and stay confident.
emjay.punzalan Posted - 10 December 2013 16:36  Show Profile
hi my name is mj. i take the practice exam at us navy recruiting office. when i take the practice exam i got 20 :( then my recruiter told me to review those four categories WK PC AR MK, he suggested to me to buy this book . ASVAB for dummies this book help me a lot. after i review. i go back to retake the practice exam again. then i got 61. buy this book asvab for dummies! i hope ill pass the real one!
tayj3 Posted - 26 December 2013 21:21  Show Profile
Hi my name is Tayj, i did my practice test at my recruiter off and got a 70, he wanted to schedule me to do the actual test but i told him i wasn't ready i told him i felt like i needed to brush up on some areas, so i got a tutor now who's helping me a lot. I just did a practice test on this website and got a 85 which great because it shows im getting better. I'm doing my exam in March. I have the ASVAB for dummies book an most of the answers are wrong. I'm trying my best to pass this test because i only want to do it once and score a 91/95. I'm aiming for the job of hospital corpsman or special forces. How about you guys what jobs are you aiming for in the Navy?

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