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buffy41Posted - 6 November 2000 8:2  Show Profile
I am 41-years-old and have returned to college. I am having dificulty learning the material presented in class. Any suggestions on what I can do to improve my learning capabilities? Patsy Obi
angelviera Posted - 28 September 2005 14:55  Show Profile
I am 45 will be 46 in march I am going to devry college for my bachalors in computer science,is not EZ but I try my best to get no lower than 87.8% on my tests> it is hard but you can do it, all it takes is your attention, pay lots of it to your studies.
esgirl74 Posted - 17 October 2005 10:28  Show Profile
im 17, but i think my advice would help anyways. Create a note taking system, that will work for you. If you need extra help, ask a teacher (or professor) for help on the lesson. Most will help out. I dont know about college professors yet, but they should be willing to help. High lighters should also be your best friend. High light important information in your text books. Thats the best thing about owning them, you can take notes in them, and make note of whats important. Hope this helps :)

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