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ShawnMc29Posted - 6 November 2013 10:5  Show Profile
i really need help with my asvab testing skills. everytime i take a practice test i score low. what can i do to imporove my scores
alvarado0880 Posted - 12 November 2013 19:44  Show Profile
I can help you with test skills! Email me at anissa.alvarado0880@gmail.com I will help anyone I can in any way :)
seanchristian.hammon Posted - 13 November 2013 22:23  Show Profile
This might help.<BR>http://895fd15zi1yvxt41emlasat84s.hop.clickbank.net/<BR>study guides, ***ists and practice tests.
shawn.ealy.7 Posted - 17 November 2013 15:30  Show Profile
study. <BR>find the ones u are bad at an study them. take college cl***es.
kr1stycha Posted - 17 November 2013 19:58  Show Profile
STUDY STUDY STUDY, and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE, time yourself so you can find a comfortable and steady pace to work at, timing yourself can also help you work under pressure, try to stay optimistic about passing,(not ****y, just positive) build up your vocabulary by studying lots of words! and brush up on math skills ;earn to identify types of arithmetic reason questions, is it asking you to divide, multiply, etc.<BR>i got a 26 the first time, after non stop studying for 2 months, got a 43. now im hoping to get a 50 or higher! goodluck! :)

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